Plants Updates

I’m that kind of person with the ability of killing a plastic cactus. Once, a golden pothos perished on my hand. PERISHED. A gardener once went agape when I mentioned to them that I once killed a mint plant. Mint is a very invasive, strong plant — it even considered as garden weed. And IContinue reading “Plants Updates”

‘Abdijiwo’ by Retno Widya

My sister, Retno Widya, has been developing her OC (original character) and combined with her interest in Javanese culture, she created a comic titled ‘Abdijiwo’ (in Indonesian.) Translated from abdi (servant/humble servant) and jiwo (soul), the story is about three cursed souls who serving their living human hosts. A combination of drama, Javanese culture, andContinue reading “‘Abdijiwo’ by Retno Widya”

Sambal Goreng Kentang

Ooookay, I’m not super sure the English term for it, but it’s basically another Indonesian take at sambal (if we could put sambal on everything, we would—wait.) Kentang is potato, sambal is, well, sambal (chili paste — mixed with garlics, shallots, salt, sugar, pepper, and sometimes, shrimp paste,) and goreng means fried. This dish isContinue reading “Sambal Goreng Kentang”

Opor Ayam

Hey! How are you folks? I’ve been pretty pumped up as tomorrow is Eid, and I’m going to enjoy my one week-long AFK (Away From Keyboard) vacation. The AFK was submitted way before the whole Covid-19 thing, but I decided to stick with it and do things that I can do at the house andContinue reading “Opor Ayam”

‘Heart Sutra’

For many Indonesian 90s kids, most of us are familiar with a Hong Kong TV drama series ‘Journey to the West‘ (in Indonesia, we know it as “Kera Sakti”.) Journey to the West is one of the most well-known saga in Buddhism — a story about a monk, Tang Sangzang, with his three disciples inContinue reading “‘Heart Sutra’”

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