(Chibi) Lion Dance


Quite contrary with many people think, Chinese lion dance (barongsai) is not only performed during new year celebration; but also during special occasions, such as birthdays, new business opening, new business expansions, and many. It is considered as good luck to give the lion some ang-pao (red envelope filled with money) and how do you give ang-pao to the lion? By putting it into the lion’s mouth, of course 😀

More I Love You, Annie Lennox

Anyone who’s seen Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s” video recognizes this devilish, arched-eyebrows routine. In other words, it’s no surprise that she’s an incredible performer. But it is remarkable in comparison to the rest of the Grammys, where so many other performers underachieved by performing ballads with deadening faux-dignity.

From Annie Lennox, the New Grammy Idol

And she’s still my favorite.