Ramadan 2021

Iiiit’s the first day of Ramadan! Ramadan is an Islamic holy month. During this month, the moslems fast by stopping eating and drinking when the sun rises (subuh/soobooh) until the sun sets (iftar/maghrib) — and we do this for 30 days. “No eating, I can understand. NO DRINKING? Even water?” Even water, yep. It’s aContinue reading “Ramadan 2021”

‘Pleasure’ – Sarah Kang

When I was only ten, I was told by a man He smiled as he said, “You just need to understand Unless you grow thinner, no man would ever want you” And what a grownup said I believed as children do She wasn’t made for your pleasure Don’t you blame it on human nature SheContinue reading “‘Pleasure’ – Sarah Kang”

An apology to Agatha Christie

I first learned about Sherlock Holmes — yes, we will talk about Agatha Christie later. THIS IS IMPORTANT — when I was an elementary student. When I was still a kid, we had — and I guess we still have — this children magazine named “BOBO”. Originated from the Netherlands, “BOBO” magazine had such aContinue reading “An apology to Agatha Christie”

Cafe Chef Wan @ KL East Mall

Hey! I skipped blog for the past 2-3 weeks as my sinus infection blaring up. Unfortunately, it happened on the kids too. We actually suspect the current renovation works on our apartment building caused the sinusitis/allergy as it can be pretty dusty at times. Luckily, no fever. Recently, I’ve been listening to this. I heardContinue reading “Cafe Chef Wan @ KL East Mall”

Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance

In Automattic, we usually have yearly announcements of new designs or products for our swag/merchandise. For 2021, the swag is a little bit special to me — mostly because I involved in one of the sticker series design. Introducing: Lion Dance Wapuu. This is actually a project that started as a joke. One of myContinue reading “Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance”