My Spotify in 2019

Earlier today, our office Slack channels went abuzz with Spotify Wrapped 2019. It was a memory trip 😂 Early 2019 was Spotify’s ‘Evening Jazz’ on repeat, then it started to move to lo-fi by the end of 2019. I would recommend you folks to listen to Ilya Mann if you like slow jazz (although thereContinue reading “My Spotify in 2019”

Netflix ‘Klaus’ (2019): “A true selfless act always sparks another”

In the beginning of Netflix’s ‘Klaus’, we see the main character, Jesper, as a lazy, rude, spoiled disaster — which reminds me a lot with Disney’s ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ Emperor Kuzco. What happened next was a beautiful story of a solitary island in the northern area, filled with snow, and how the legend ofContinue reading “Netflix ‘Klaus’ (2019): “A true selfless act always sparks another””

Saturday Breakfast: Restaurant ‘ROSE’, Kuala Lumpur

Weekend usually means super unhealthy breakfast; filled with carbs, sodium, and almost everything your brain craves. The word ‘Restoran’ is Indonesian/Malaysian’s adaptation from “restaurant”. The plaque ‘Food Trails’ from Kuala Lumpur Townhall hung proudly, as a proof the restaurant joined the local government’s effort of introducing the city’s historical and foodie side. This restaurant providesContinue reading “Saturday Breakfast: Restaurant ‘ROSE’, Kuala Lumpur”

Before I Knew Everything

I’ll remember the days before I knew everything The Automattic Creed (part of it) In Automattic, we have creed — some kind of a promise, an oath, that we need to remember and love and live. The one above is actually my favorite. When I applied for Automattic, there was this question, “what do youContinue reading “Before I Knew Everything”