Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance

In Automattic, we usually have yearly announcements of new designs or products for our swag/merchandise. For 2021, the swag is a little bit special to me — mostly because I involved in one of the sticker series design. Introducing: Lion Dance Wapuu. This is actually a project that started as a joke. One of myContinue reading “Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance”

ProPhoto RGB v. sRGB color space

I’m curious. I need to jot this down and maybe reroute back to this post once I have time and once I have unfortunate developer to bug on the office. Recently, I noticed an uptick of color display questions from users that contacting us. The question always the same: “Why do my pictures look dullContinue reading “ProPhoto RGB v. sRGB color space”

On WordPress and languages

Sometimes a user asked, or mentioned, that they found the translation of a string on their website using their preferred language is incorrect — and they want to know how to change it. I usually use this opportunity to encourage them to contribute. One thing that I notice on how folks doing business isContinue reading “On WordPress and languages”

Image and website: Handling HEIC file format

This post will sound pretty technical-ish, but I just realized something about it and I wanted to write it here and hopefully it can give some insights or info with you folks. Soooo… Huh, I forgot exactly when, mid-2019, early-2019? I guess? Yeah, so during that time, we got some questions from folks on whyContinue reading “Image and website: Handling HEIC file format”