Cafe Chef Wan @ KL East Mall

Hey! I skipped blog for the past 2-3 weeks as my sinus infection blaring up. Unfortunately, it happened on the kids too. We actually suspect the current renovation works on our apartment building caused the sinusitis/allergy as it can be pretty dusty at times. Luckily, no fever. Recently, I’ve been listening to this. I heardContinue reading “Cafe Chef Wan @ KL East Mall”

Puzzle games: YOLO? and Find Out — Hidden Objects

Recently, I keep seeing game ads in-between stories whenever I’m checking my friends’ IG Stories. Some of them are pretty familiar to me; such as ‘Homescapes’ (I’m currently playing it.) Another one that I keep seeing it on many social media accounts is ‘Legend of The Phoenix’ (some kind of role-play game based on historicalContinue reading “Puzzle games: YOLO? and Find Out — Hidden Objects”

Netflix ‘Klaus’ (2019): “A true selfless act always sparks another”

In the beginning of Netflix’s ‘Klaus’, we see the main character, Jesper, as a lazy, rude, spoiled disaster — which reminds me a lot with Disney’s ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ Emperor Kuzco. What happened next was a beautiful story of a solitary island in the northern area, filled with snow, and how the legend ofContinue reading “Netflix ‘Klaus’ (2019): “A true selfless act always sparks another””

Dove DermaSeries Hand Cream

(Bok. Lagi pengen banget akun Premium atau Business-nya WordPress, bok. Hamba pengen banget punya blog pake domain .blog, bok. BELIIN GW DONG PLIS //meminta-minta) Temans, kalian ada ga yang selama ini badannya ga ada masalah mendadak kok ternganu-nganu? Jadi gw kan selama ini baik-baik aja ya kulitnya. Bisa dibilang kulit badak, malah. Lalu bulan lalu,Continue reading “Dove DermaSeries Hand Cream”

Lombok Bangkit!

Horeee, akhirnya kiriman dari Lombok Bangkit tiba jugaaaa, hahaha. Sedikit cerita dulu ya; sebelumnya gw udah cerita di IG Stories (IG: retnonindya) tapi kan cuma 24 jam, jadi cerita lagi di sini. Sebenernya ketemu akun Lombok Bangkit di Instagram ini karena kegigihan adminnya yang suka nyapa di bagian komentar. Walaupun “ga jauh beda” dengan kebiasaanContinue reading “Lombok Bangkit!”