Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance

In Automattic, we usually have yearly announcements of new designs or products for our swag/merchandise. For 2021, the swag is a little bit special to me — mostly because I involved in one of the sticker series design. Introducing: Lion Dance Wapuu. This is actually a project that started as a joke. One of myContinue reading “Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance”

The Cookie Jar Analogy (English version)

Many months ago, I wrote about Cookie Jar Analogy to explain the connection between domain name(s) and website in Indonesian. I wanted to continue with what domain mapping/connecting is and how it works; but I decided to re-start it with The Cookie Jar Analogy again in English. I hope it’s okay with you 😄 AsContinue reading “The Cookie Jar Analogy (English version)”

Inktober 2019: Day 23

I didn’t draw anything yesterday because I got too busy and too tired. So! Nasi lemak is as Malaysia as Malaysia itself. It’s really easy to find this nation’s favorite — especially in the morning-time; although Malaysians enjoy nasi lemak virtually every possible moment in a day. There is this nasi lemak stall nearby myContinue reading “Inktober 2019: Day 23”

Inktober 2019: Day 21

If I’m not too lazy (heh 😆) I usually go to a minimarket/convenience store nearby my place to buy lunch — onigiri (🍙), sandwiches, omurice (fried rice with ketchup, topped with omelette), or all of the above. Whenever I’m there, the place usually packed with folks from nearby office buildings — and they are thereContinue reading “Inktober 2019: Day 21”