On WordPress and languages

Sometimes a user asked, or mentioned, that they found the translation of a string on their WordPress.com website using their preferred language is incorrect — and they want to know how to change it.

I usually use this opportunity to encourage them to contribute. One thing that I notice on how folks doing business is the minimum opportunity for consumers to contribute. Contribution usually equals with “feedback”, and public tends to see feedback as an unread letter addressed to a company which will never be read.

I really want to change that; and I guess this is something that WordPress as a community — so not WordPress.com only — wants to encourage.

So! What can you do if you see your website in your preferred language has a string/text/sentence translated incorrectly?

For WordPress.com, you can submit your translation here.

For WordPress.org — this is the core. The words and texts and sentences you see on WP Admin area — you can submit your translation here. You can also submit translations for other Automattic products such as WooCommerce and Jetpack; even third-party plugins and themes!

Every week, the translation validator will receive newsletters to nudge them to review the translations and approve/reject/edit it.

So go ahead and click the links to see any open translation projects in the language you are well-versed in and share your contributions to the community! ✨

Small Wins

Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is my small wins. This game helped me get through when my son got hospitalized back in October 2020. Late night at the hospital, along with the beeping sound of IV machine (that usually goes, “beep beep BEEPBEEPBEEP BEEEEEEEEPPPPP” every 2 hours), midnight visits from the nurses (can somebody enlighten me why paracetamol needed at 2 AM in the morning?), and the whole ordeal of not knowing what we are facing during that time.

“Look, I dig a fossil!”, “look! I catch a fish!”, “look! I catch a bug!”

The fall leaves, the snow, the aurora. All the things I never experience in real life.

It’s a game. A mere game.

Yet it helps. It gives me confidence and assurance that I can do something. I able to catch a freaking coelacanth in-game, so I definitely can do something in real life, right?

Or helping a wisp to collect its spirit pieces. Helping others can be done across dimensions.

It doesn’t have to be Animal Crossing. It can be your favorite game or your hobby. You can even get small wins from Minesweeper if you are really really good at it (don’t look at me. The mines always exploded on my third step.)

You wake up every morning and brush your teeth. Small win.

You tidy up your bed. Small win.

You woke up, feeling like an utter living turd, yet you soldier on with your life. I’m hyping here for you. Yaaaaaaaas, show ‘em what you got.

Even when you don’t feel like it, when you feel the need to stop and take a break. Take a deep breath and exhale. We are here with you.

c.gua haul

As usual, I was on Tiktok, scrolled my FYP (For You Page) timeline when I saw an illustrator created a really cute penguin character, printed it, and made the drawings as mask protector.

Then I found out the illustrator is a Malaysian.

Then I thought, “if that person has an online shop, RIP wallet.”


Chonk, round, absolute unit creature?


Emperor penguin chicks stand-off against a petrel then an adelie penguin, as properly described by the narrator, “the feistiest penguin”, helped the chicks by standing right in front, facing the petrel as the petrel realized YOU DON’T MESS WITH ADELIE PENGUINS?

… They have an online shop in Shopee Malaysia. I might need to do some kind of Viking funeral of my wallet.

This is what I really love from small business owners. They always take their time to write handwritten note with sweet and kind messages.

I ordered postcards (10 pieces per set) and masking tape (3 pieces per set) from them. When I opened the package, I also received free stickers! Thank you so much!

Do you have local/small businesses that you love? Feel free to share!

Illustrations by c.gua.
Instagram: @c.gua

On saying “it’s easy.”

I’ve been working as Support for two years — while it’s might be not much, compared to many veterans out there — there is one term that I usually avoid when communicating with users.

“Oh, it’s easy!”

“You can just simply…”

(OK, maybe two terms?)

“Simple” or “easy” signify that the thing we are working on should be just work. It doesn’t need any additional interference, and let the whole system taking care of it. A simple click then done.

And this is not the case with frustrated users. Folks that might have tried and tried and tried and things still refused. to. work.

It’s not easy, it’s not simple. And what’s more, when somebody tell you that — “oh, you have been working on this issue for five days straight?! It’s actually really easy!” — it implies you are the fool and hopeless.

It’s never easy for first-timers. It’s never simple for folks who just learned the wonders of technology. When they need assurance that clicking a button won’t destroy their website.

Hell, it’s not easy for me too. More often than not, there’s always bugs lurking or something new to learn. You can find me half-crying half-laughing hysterically whenever I have to file a bug report for the developers to check.

For some, we are lucky to learn new things ahead from lots of folks out there. For some, this is an entirely new thing, uncharted territory to explore.

“I found it’s really difficult to add image on this blog post. How do I do that?”

“I hear you. Adding image is one of the fun parts of blog post! To add an image on your blog post, click the “Add Media” button and you can either use the images from your website’s Media Library, or upload it from your computer.”

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