K.K. Bossa

“K.K. Bossa” is one of my favorite songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizon (despite the in-game lyrics is actually only “meeep mop meep moop weewaaweewooo mop meep moooooop”) so I’m pleasantly surprised to hear the, uh, human-lyrics version. (Featured image is when I visited fellow Automattician’s island through Dream Address. Thank you for sharing yourContinue reading “K.K. Bossa”

Puzzle games: YOLO? and Find Out — Hidden Objects

Recently, I keep seeing game ads in-between stories whenever I’m checking my friends’ IG Stories. Some of them are pretty familiar to me; such as ‘Homescapes’ (I’m currently playing it.) Another one that I keep seeing it on many social media accounts is ‘Legend of The Phoenix’ (some kind of role-play game based on historicalContinue reading “Puzzle games: YOLO? and Find Out — Hidden Objects”


I just realized that I blogged more than journaling on August. Is that a good sign or…? Anyway! Yeah, a bit late but I just checked my bullet journal book and I found I left a really good chunk of void for August 2020. I’m pretty glad this is bullet journal, though, so I canContinue reading “Sky-watching”

Image and website: Handling HEIC file format

This post will sound pretty technical-ish, but I just realized something about it and I wanted to write it here and hopefully it can give some insights or info with you folks. Soooo… Huh, I forgot exactly when, mid-2019, early-2019? I guess? Yeah, so during that time, we got some questions from folks on whyContinue reading “Image and website: Handling HEIC file format”