Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance

In Automattic, we usually have yearly announcements of new designs or products for our swag/merchandise. For 2021, the swag is a little bit special to me — mostly because I involved in one of the sticker series design. Introducing: Lion Dance Wapuu. This is actually a project that started as a joke. One of myContinue reading “Automattic Swag 2021: Wapuu Lion Dance”

Happiness Engineer position is now open!

What is a Happiness Engineer? In short, we are the Support team for Automattic products; mostly on,, and The purpose of Happiness Engineer is to support and deliver happiness to folks who are using Automattic’s products. We represent Automattic to our customers, and we are the voice of customers to Automattic. I’mContinue reading “Happiness Engineer position is now open!”

Grand Meetup 2019: Orlando, Florida

And when you finally finally meet the awesome people. When folks found out last week’s GM was my first GM, they usually ask, “so how is it so far? The GM?” “Overwhelmed — in both nuances. Before, it was only you, your laptop, and an external monitor. Next thing you know, on the GM, humans.Continue reading “Grand Meetup 2019: Orlando, Florida”