Lofi Raya Beats

“Raya” means Eid al-Fitr. In Indonesia, it’s commonly known as “Idul Fitri” while in Malaysia and Singapore, it’s usually called as “Raya” (with the greetings “Selamat Hari Raya”.) Eid al-Fitr/Raya is Islamic two-days celebration after a month-long Ramadan fasting which celebrated publicly/nationwide (not restricted to moslems only because, hey, festivities!) The word “fitr” means “oneself/one’s…More

Animal Crossing Rebooted (a couple of times)

A couple of days ago — last week, I guess? — I decided to restart my Animal Crossing game. I’ve been working on redesigning my island but I got stuck (mostly on the villagers’ houses and buildings) and it’s really expensive to relocate them. I refuse to use time traveling (you can set the date…More

Small Wins

Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is my small wins. This game helped me get through when my son got hospitalized back in October 2020. Late night at the hospital, along with the beeping sound of IV machine (that usually goes, “beep beep BEEPBEEPBEEP BEEEEEEEEPPPPP” every 2 hours), midnight visits from the nurses (can somebody enlighten me…More

On saying “it’s easy.”

I’ve been working as Support for two years — while it’s might be not much, compared to many veterans out there — there is one term that I usually avoid when communicating with users. “Oh, it’s easy!” “You can just simply…” (OK, maybe two terms?) “Simple” or “easy” signify that the thing we are working…More

I think I’m a Hufflepuff (well, I am)

I’m not a Potterhead — more a casual viewer/reader and I got my references mostly from the fandom. And yes, like many other fandoms, some elements (a teeny tiny element) can be pretty toxic. I’m glad I always found the chill ones (and yes, Harry Potter belongs to the fans. J.K who.) I first read…More