‘Pleasure’ – Sarah Kang

When I was only ten, I was told by a man He smiled as he said, “You just need to understand Unless you grow thinner, no man would ever want you” And what a grownup said I believed as children do She wasn’t made for your pleasure Don’t you blame it on human nature SheContinue reading “‘Pleasure’ – Sarah Kang”

K.K. Bossa

“K.K. Bossa” is one of my favorite songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizon (despite the in-game lyrics is actually only “meeep mop meep moop weewaaweewooo mop meep moooooop”) so I’m pleasantly surprised to hear the, uh, human-lyrics version. (Featured image is when I visited fellow Automattician’s island through Dream Address. Thank you for sharing yourContinue reading “K.K. Bossa”

There will be time they returned and said, “ONE MORE TIME”

For the sleepless nights filled with the EDM music, cigarettes, and black coffee with neverending projects, thesis, and freelance works. For the late-night PHP and CSS tests, despairs, and joys. For the late-night walk home with MP3 player on the pocket. Midnight stroll — because there was no bus left — on Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta.Continue reading “There will be time they returned and said, “ONE MORE TIME””