Cafe Chef Wan @ KL East Mall

Hey! I skipped blog for the past 2-3 weeks as my sinus infection blaring up. Unfortunately, it happened on the kids too. We actually suspect the current renovation works on our apartment building caused the sinusitis/allergy as it can be pretty dusty at times. Luckily, no fever. Recently, I’ve been listening to this. I heardContinue reading “Cafe Chef Wan @ KL East Mall”

c.gua haul

As usual, I was on Tiktok, scrolled my FYP (For You Page) timeline when I saw an illustrator created a really cute penguin character, printed it, and made the drawings as mask protector. Then I found out the illustrator is a Malaysian. Then I thought, “if that person has an online shop, RIP wallet.” Why?Continue reading “c.gua haul”

Restricted Movements

Hey! How are you friends doing? Things have been pretty weird and surreal due to the COVID-19 outbreak and all of us (I would say “most” since clearly some people don’t care about social distancing which could cause potential escalated cases, but heh, I’m too tired of getting angry) have been doing our best toContinue reading “Restricted Movements”

Morning walk (February 1, 2020)

Hey! After days of non-update, here I am. Anyway, sometimes I got pings or questions from my friends or relatives when they are going to visit Kuala Lumpur for the first time: “Do you have any recommendations for places we can go?” Most of times, I usually refer them to popular guides and places; suchContinue reading “Morning walk (February 1, 2020)”